We can help consumers plan a fun night out, or a weekend getaway.


We take pride in our service to help Consumers & Businesses connect in the Saginaw bay 989 region of Michigan.


We care about consumer experience, for that reason we have the rating system so consumers can share.


MBS989 Focuses strictly on the Michigan MBS 989 Area, Making it easy for consumers & advertisers to connect.

Why MBS989 is the wise choice

We place ``FULL FOCUS`` on the Michigan 989 Area code for the MBS989 Directory platform! That is the main difference between and the other directories. Our Premium plans are priced very competitive in the online directory industry. We understand that you have many choices, and some free options to reach out to consumers. But a strong top ranking effective method is with focused Premium SEO. What is SEO you ask it's the compiling of information about your business combined with proper keywords to help get higher rankings on the main search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckgo). Our Premium SEO package is $98.90 per year which is very reasonable compared to other directory solutions charging 3 times that per month.