Listing & Advertising on MBS989

  • Claim you Listing

    Best way to start managing your MBS989 business listing is by claiming it so you can update, add your personal touch. and the best part “IT’S FREE“ verification is painless and easy.
  • Promote your business

    Promote your business to target local customers who need your services & products. The MBS989 directory is connected with all the top search engines, social media platforms and many other directories to help your company reach out strong in the 989.
  • Convert listing viewers into customers

    Turn your visitors into customers with exciting offers and services on your MBS989 listing page. We offer a basic free plan, a basic SEO yearly plan, and a Premium Pro SEO plan. We also offer affordable banner advertising plans. We keep our pricing very affordable to help you meet your local & regional promotion goals.

Registering is free and easy! Look at the top right corner of site, click join now, then register. once logged in you can select create a listing. If you have issues please contact us and we will help you create your listing at no extra charge.

Added Benefits of a Platinum Listing

We made the Directory FREE List your location now to help increase traffic to your Business.

  • Strong SEO

    SEO is the #1 implementation needed for your promotion and information to be indexed strongly by the index bots from search engines. We’re SEO Pro’s and we’re here to grow together with your company.
  • Social & Websites alone are not enough

    By adding your links to your Social pages & Websites with an MBS989 Platinum listing this will help grow your exposure on web searches, Especially when listed on a regional focused industry directory the way we do at MBS989.
  • Create Coupons easily

    You can create custom coupons on your MBS989 Platinum user dashboard. There is no limits to how many coupon codes you can create for your new clients to enjoy. It’s a proven business growth hack that people like a deal and giving a 10% or BOGO coupon helps the growth. If your product and service is great show the community with a coupon. It pays off for your future growth a small discount can bring in a new life long client.
  • Create custom announcements

    Create custom announcements on your user dashboard easily for your sales, events, concerts, new products, etc. Including a link to your announcement page.
  • Add a Menu or Specials

    With the Platinum package, you can add menus, or specials to your listing to show featured products you offer, No extra charge for menus.